Benefits of Buying Chicken, Mutton, and Fish & Seafood Online

In today’s dynamic world, where all of us are totally occupied with everyday tight schedules, it has become very hard to be able to take out some time for family recreation and trying out dishes of your choice. If you are meat lover the situation gets worse as purchasing meat physically consumes time, energy and additional bucks. That is the reason meat lovers have started ordering chicken, mutton and fish online. But, there are some questions that we all should have an answer to before buying raw meat online. Please keep reading to know all the answers.

Is it safe to order meat online?

It is absolutely safe to order chicken online. Going to butcher shop and waiting for your turn to come right at the wet market is something not everyone will be comfortable now a days. Moreover, if the butcher shop owner is not friendly, the chances are that you will not be able to get the meat customized as per your choice as well.

What are the benefits of buying chicken online?

Here are the benefits of buying chicken online:

  1. Saves Time: You don’t need to go anywhere to purchase meat of your choice. Just select your products and place order online.
  2. Saves Money: If you live in tier-1 metro cities, there are two things that you actually struggle with while going out to purchase chicken i.e. car/bike parking charges and huge traffic with increased petrol rate/liter.
  3. Net weight: You get net weight of the meat as products are weighed after cleaning and removing the unwanted parts. You don’t get charged for unwanted or waste part of the meat. Whereas if you go to any butcher shop they will charge you for waste parts as well. Butcher shop removes unwanted parts after weighing the meat right in front of your eyes, reducing the meat weight by up to 150-200 Grams.
  4. 100% Fresh Products: You can get absolutely fresh meat delivered to your doorstep with money back warranty or product replacement promise from online portals.
  5. Hygienically cleaned and processed: You can rely on the brand for properly cleaning and processing. Unlike butcher shops, all the online players normally have well trained professionals for cutting and trimming the meat.

There are several other benefits as well like finding products of your choice as per your convenience, getting deliveries in selected time slot and many more.

Which is the best online portal for 100% fresh chicken, mutton & fish?

If you are in Delhi NCR area, Fleshkart is one of the fastest emerging brands delivering absolutely fresh meat to your doorstep. Just visit or download our Android or iOS application to buy meat of your choice and get same day delivery to your doorstep.

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