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Fresh Fish Online

We deliver freshly caught fish to your doorstep within 150 minutes from the time the order is placed. Buy fish & seafood from our online store and let us take care of your fish carvings. We are one of the fastest growing ecommerce portals for fresh fish & seafood catering to thousands of households from Noida, Greater Noida, Indirapuram, and Ghaziabad. Processing and cleaning of the fish is done by highly experienced Bengali cut specialists which makes our fish suitable for various Bengali cuisines. Our river fishes come with “with head” and “without head” options to help you choose as per your requirement. Unlike local stores, we don’t add waste materials in the actual weight to ensure that your box contains the exact weight.

Sea food like prawns, white pomfret, black pomfret, bhetki fish, salmon fish and surmai fishes are stored at the most suitable temperature to maintain their freshness. We procure river fishes like rohu, katla, singhada, and mangoor directly from local fishermen who supply us the fish everyday early in the morning. We try to keep fishes live as long as possible to ensure tenderness, freshness and deliciousness.

Benefits of consuming fish

There are several event based benefits of consuming fish & seafood and can be consumed safely by all age group. Fresh fish is amongst the healthiest food on the planet which is loaded with important vitamins, protein and nutrients. Fish is also an amazing source of omega-3 fatty acids which are significantly important for your body and brain health. Moreover, fish is renowned as a low-fat food that provides various ranges of health benefits.

Precautionary measures: Pregnant women are advised to consult a medical practitioner before consuming sea fishes like swordfish, Mackerel and tile fish.